Specialized advanced training „Logistic probability models and their application for SHARE data analyses”

ISSK-BAS held two-days specialized training for experienced researchers (29 and 30 of July 2019) „Logistic probability models and their application for SHARE data analyses”. The lecturer was assoc. prof. Ekaterina Tosheva, PhD, department ‘Statistics and Econometrics’ at the University of national and world economy in Sofia. The training has been funded by the project: ‘Consortium SHARE-ERIC Bulgaria of the research

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Grand opening of the Bulgarian “Scientific and Applied Centre” within the National SHARE Research Infrastructure

Specialised research centre has been established on 23 of July 2019 at the building of the Institute for the Study of the Societies and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (ISSK-BAS). This research centre is created and equipped within the National Research Infrastructure and Consortium “SHARE-Bulgaria”, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science and the National Roadmap for

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SHARE Wave 7 data is now publicly available!


SHARE Release 7.0.0 includes 7 wave data, where Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Romania and Slovakia joined the European Commission thanks to the European Commission. The 7 wave data focuses on the respondents’ life stories SHARELIFE). A novelty in the 7th wave is the inclusion of so-called in the psychology of a fivefold personal model or Big-5 personality traits.

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