SHARE Wave 7 data is now publicly available!


SHARE Release 7.0.0 includes 7 wave data, where Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Romania and Slovakia joined the European Commission thanks to the European Commission.

The 7 wave data focuses on the respondents’ life stories SHARELIFE). A novelty in the 7th wave is the inclusion of so-called in the psychology of a fivefold personal model or Big-5 personality traits.

In addition, 7 wave data is available along with an update of all previous waves from SHARE (1-6).

An updated version of the Job Episodes Panel of SHARELIFE wave 3 and wave 7 respondents.

Also available is an updated version of easySHARE – a training database for students and researchers with little experience in the quantitative analysis of complex panel data.

Share data can be used for free but only for scientific purposes after registration for personal access.

More information can be found on the research site.