The fieldwork of SHARE covid-2 (wave 9) starts in Bulgaria!

The fieldwork of data collection of SHARE Covid-2 module from the 9th wave of SHARE begins in 28 EU Member States and Israel!
The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IPS-BAS) coordinates the implementation of the study “50+ in Europe” in Bulgaria in cooperation with the consortium of European research infrastructure “SHARE-ERIC”.
In Bulgaria, the interviews will be organized by the research agency Global Metrics. Global Metrics interviewers will contact SHARE panel members after sending advance letter and printed materials (flyers and brochure).
The interviews will be conducted by telephone in June-July 2021.
One of the key principles in SHARE is data protection. Participation in “50+ in Europe” is voluntary and we store personal data confidentially and in strict compliance with European and Bulgarian legislation.
The participation in SHARE is of a key importance for adaptation and evaluation of the anti-epidemic and recovery policies in EU and Bulgaria.