Ekaterina Markova

Dr. Ekaterina Markova is senior research fellow at the Institute for Philosophy ans Sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 2004. Her research interests are related to Survey Research Methodology, Policy Impact Measurement and Evaluation, Sociology of Labour, Vulnerability, Ageing, Social Change. Markova has long term experience in large research projects (WALQING, ESF6CIA). Ekaterina is member of the Bulgarian correspondent for Eurofound in Dublin (2014-2018; 2022-2026), working on labour-related issues such as working conditions, vulnerability in case of unemployment, programs and measures for employment, job satisfaction. She participated in large-scale Survey research – International Comparative Panel Survey “The Impact of Coping Strategies and Social Capital on Reproductive and Marital Behavior”, Max Plank Institute (2002, 2005-2006), Generations and Gender Program, International Comparative Panel Survey “Generation and Gender Survey”, Max Plank Institute (2004-2005, 2007-2008).

Since 2016, she is the country team leader of Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) and coordinator of the national research infrastructure SHARE-ERIC Bulgaria.

Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia
13A, Moskovska Str.